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Leeds City College Chooses Moodle

10 January 2010 | news archive

Leeds City College has announced that it will be using Moodle as the new cross-college Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) following the merger of Leeds College of Technology, Leeds Thomas Danby and Park Lane College Leeds & Keighley.
The college executive team, led by Principal Peter Roberts, recently selected Moodle as the Leeds City College VLE, following a recommendation from the eLearning Workstream group (consisting of staff from existing eLearning teams and departments from all three former colleges).

The decision to use Moodle as the single VLE will help lead the college in its vision to pursue excellence and innovation, attain value for money and maintain efficient use of college resources. Moodle has open source architecture which provides great flexibility for the team of developers to improve and build upon the fantastic features already present.
Moodle is also suited to the scale of operation at Leeds City College. The organisation now teaches approximately 45,000 students and employs around 2,000 staff, and is collectively one of the largest FE Colleges in the United Kingdom.

ELearning at the College will be driven forward with a large-scale and heavily customised Moodle installation that will provide 24/7 online learning for all course areas across the college with full support for mobile devices. It will not be uncommon to see over 300 users simultaneously accessing Moodle at any given time.
The eLearning workstream group spent time evaluating Moodle and Blackboard – the two systems currently in use. The VLE’s were presented and evaluated, along with the technical and management / implementation skills required.

Lewis Carr, VLE Manager at Leeds City College said: “Moodle has already proved itself as an enterprise class VLE but its modular design and flexibility allows us to seamlessly integrate it with other college systems and provide greater interoperability. We are hoping to raise the bar and show the education sector just what is possible with Moodle”.
Members of staff will now have the opportunity to shape the new VLE by working alongside the eLearning team, considering how Moodle can engage learners, assist in making courses interactive and enhance the learners’ experience.

The new cross-college VLE, encompassing the best features from the existing college systems, will launch officially in time for the new academic year in September 2010.

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